Recycled Paper

Recycling makes a huge difference! It takes 24 good-sized trees to produce a ton of virgin fiber paper. It takes 1.1 tons of waste paper to produce a ton of 100% recycled paper. Paper that's 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) uses about 75% less water in production than its virgin-fiber counterpart. Paper that's carted away to the landfill decomposes and ultimately emits methane gas, which traps up to 25 times more heat than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Recycling also brings an employment upside: Every 1000 tons of collected paper that's processed and re-manufactured creates 7 jobs!

Vegetable Inks

Soy and other vegetable-based inks, are widely recognized as the more sustainable choice compared to their petroleum-based counterparts, but you probably didn't know that having that the lowest possible VOC levels (volatile organic compounds) is just as important in an ink. We use only inks that check both boxes. Almost as important as the manufacture and use of vegetable inks is the recycle and reuse programs implemented by the printer. Knowing this, our printer only orders in the quantities they need and recycles whatever inks they do not use.

Carbon Offset Shipping

Many of our customers have asked whether it's truly eco-friendly to place an order with us, only to have it shipped via truck or airplane. But we're here to the rescue! We offset the emissions of our shipments through purchases with, the nation's leading nonprofit provider of carbon offsets and climate solutions. Put simply, that means that an equal amount of credits go towards carbon-reduction projects as the amount of carbon used to ship orders.

Made In The U.S.A.

We have always believed very firmly in keeping the production of all of our products within the United States, not only to bolster the local economy and keep jobs stateside, but also because of the highly intensified environmental impact of having goods manufactured overseas and shipped in bulk to us in New York. Every part of everything we sell is started and finished wholly in the U.S.A.


We'd just like to say that we have a pretty cool paper mill. Unlike other American paper mills, the one that makes our envelopes is powered by fully renewable hydroelectric generators installed in 1922 (and saving over one million barrels of fossil fuel to date). By using hydropower for over 85 years, they have avoided the release of more than 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere alone. Oh, and to top it off, the paper they use to make our signature orange envelopes is 100% recycled as well.

Every single minute, the equivalent of 48 football fields of forests are cut down. That’s a lot of trees. Deforestation leads to global warming, floods, wildlife extinctions and more. That’s why we’ve committed to 100% recycled paper.