Gift Card

Suggested Amount: $25.00

Minimum Amount: $10.00

Oh shoot, that birthday is this week. How could it be this week, no you would’ve written that down. For Pete’s sake, stupid phone calendar. Okay, well there’s no time to order something and it’s 11pm so that cool store she loves on Main is out. And on top of that, she’s so picky. She’s a  stationery guru but you can never predict what exactly she’s gonna like. Notepads, pencils, a card pack? Who’s to say, they all seem like her. Wait, a Gift Card?! In any amount and emailed to her instantly? A big sigh of relief puffs out from your chest, ha! It’s almost diabolical, it looks like you had this “perfect gift” in the bag all along.

-Offered in Any Amount $10 or More
-Emailed Directly to the Specified Recipient
-Add Your Own Message to the Recipient at Checkout

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