Our Story

We (mother bear Melinda and resident jokester daughter Meredith) are thrilled that everyone who uses our paper goods, knows they are getting a real & unique way of communicating what they really want to say to their friends & family.

Before we created The Witty Gritty Paper Co., we, like most people, just picked up our cards at the most convenient spot while we rushed to get a halfway-decent last minute present. #thatprocrastinatinglife

Then one day it happened. It was the 18th birthday of the most wonderful best friend this side of the Mason-Dixon line, and not a single card we looked through could cut it. Nope, not one scrap of paper tucked in the many aisles of card displays was just right for this occasion. And it had to be right, because as previously mentioned, this girl is the bomb diggity and then some. So we broke out the paints & paper and made one for her ourselves.

That got us thinking. Everybody’s got a few people in their life like that, right? People that the common drugstore greeting is simply not good enough for. Right? Lightbulb.

At first, we were concerned that people wouldn’t go out of their way and look online and then wait (ahhhhh the dreaded online shopping wait) for a card to be shipped to them.

But we decided to dip our toe in the water anyway with just a dozen designs and see what happened. After all, we had always liked business and worked well together. Maybe we’d sell a few to the most discerning of card people (you know who you are.)

So, we set out to create the most clever, artsy and hilarious paper goods for the most heartfelt and committed card & hoopla loving people in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than we imagined.

The cost of professional printing runs was prohibitive and made it near impossible to release more than a few designs per year. Yuck.

Said professional printers booed our firm decision to keep the art on every one of our designs authentic watercolors & illustration inks, as opposed to graphics designed digitally with no touch of real handmade love.

Knowing that we wanted to release LOTS of designs every year and keep all the art real, we bought ourselves an insanely hi-res scanner (you could scan the surface of mars with it) and a commercial printer we have since named Pedro.

But deep down we were still pretty terrified. We had all this fancy-schmancy equipment now but the question still remained. Would people actually buy cards online? Would people even think our designs were funny? *anxiety*

However to our great joy & surprise, the response was overwhelming. People (like, lots of people) DID want the perfect card and were happy to wait to receive it. We’ve even had many customers around the globe that choose to wait weeks to receive their selection rather than settle for the mega mart norm.

So we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be us by being you. You might have to read that more than once, but trust us, it makes sense!


Oh yeah! We almost forgot. Here’s some more details about us:

•Our cozy studio is located in Buffalo, NY. However we don’t recommend you come looking for it, it’s probably currently buried in snow.

•Meredith is the watercolorist, photographer, designer, co-founder & daughter of the equation.

•Melinda is the illustrator, accountant, customer service, co-founder and mother of the equation.

•The days here are about coffee (lots of it) and laughter (even more of that.)