Our Team

Meet the players that make this shindig possible!


Name: Meredith

Spirit Animal: Border Collie

Role: Co-founder, Creative Director, Designer, Photographer, Shipper, Bubble Tea Addict

Current Netflix Binge: Bob’s Burgers

Ice Cream Flavor: Amen to Cookie Dough



Name: Melinda

Spirit Animal: Miniature Chameleon

Role: Co-founder, Designer, Financial Shaman, Customer Service, Pomeranian Wrangler

Current Netflix Binge: C.S.I. Miami

Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee Please & Thank You



Name: Matthew

Spirit Animal: Monkey

Role: Photography Assistant, Creative Consultant, Video Game Savant

Current Netflix Binge: Stranger Things

Ice Cream Flavor: All of them & Sprinkles Too



Name: Shanny

Spirit Animal: Bunny

Role: Photography Assistant, Model, Bestie, Makeup Miracle Worker

Current Netflix Binge: Actually I Prefer A Book 🙂

Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut Butter Vanilla



Name: Gizmo

Spirit Animal: Herself

Role: Toe Licker, Mailman Harasser, Napping Expert

Current Netflix Binge: Whatever The Humans Are Watching

Ice Cream Flavor: Anything. Seriously, I’ll Take Anything.