Your brain alights with the memory, upon seeing that New Year’s Eve snapshot of the two of you pinned by its corner on the fridge – her birthday is next week. Yes of course, it’s always right after Mardi Gras. How did it slip your mind? Knowing full well that the limp cards languishing in the big box store aisle just aren’t going to cut it, you scramble to your computer. You’ve got to to come up with something pretty darn great- it is her, after all. Gah, so many of them are generic city, and the idea of sending an e-card leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Oh, and don’t even get me started about the shipping situation.

            Take a deep breath, sip on a chocolate milkshake, try to relax. You’ve just found The Witty Gritty Paper Co, a mother/ daughter led team that just became your secret weapon for every important occasion. With over half a decade of experience in specialty printing and creative writing, we work every day to build you a one-stop-shop that’ll instantly put your name at the top of the “Most thoughtful friend!” list for years to come. With exclusive cards in every category, our speedy, 79 cent shipping on any single card order, easy-peasy Rush Shipping add-on, and especially our “Mail It For Me” service, you can think of us as your new personal stationery concierge. 

            No more last minute scrounging through the stack of free cards you got from that charity or sneezing on that grocery store card, trying to make up for its uninspired text by being plastered with glitter. You’ve found something better. Our designs have been featured in Buffalo Magazine, Stationery Trends, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post just to name a few. To date, Meredith has amassed a personal collection of over 1,500 greeting cards, so trust us, we know a good piece of snail mail when we see it. Ready to get writing? 



Co-founder, CFO & Customer Service



Co-founder, CEO & Creative Director

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